Our leader Mr. Rakesh Thakur is the motivating force of the Organisation. His persistent hand work and patience has always worked as a catalyst for A One to surpass the self set high goals. Being a man of vision, he is an excellent amalgam of tradition and modernity. He has superb knack of getting the teamwork done in a very expeditious manner. Following his dictum, “There is no substitution for quality” we make no compromise on it and assure to make you feel the difference between noise and sound through our quality sound engineering. Under his guidance we train our skills as professionals each day to provide our best to our clients and judging by the continuous enthusiasm of our clients, it is all worthwhile.



Our Technical head, Mr. Nitin Thakur dedicated his entire career in gathering expertise in this business. A Certified Audio Engineer from the School of Audio Engineering, Singapore also added to his arsenal the certification of Solid State Logic mixing Board techniques and Sennheiser School of Audio Workshops. As a technical representative of Outline, L’ Acoustics, Sennheiser & Many more representing them in the region providing Installation and sale of such premium brands. He further his studies in Event Management, Brand Image Development and public Relations from EMDI Mumbai, and is backed by the experience he garnered by working with the biggest giants of the Event management World of Asia.